About Us

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Ours is not mere a company but an institution harbouring ingenuity in its perception towards concept of design imagination aimed at shaping of economical achievement through purposeful design strictly on need basis. Outcome of above consistent & continuing effort has led to development of number of outstanding designs in structures of varied industrial purpose.

The structure of the company is unique in nature by virtue of its amalgamation of experience with
design fore-sight blended in high grade professionalism.
Our Un-compromising attitude towards achieving goal with undivided attention sticking to
strictest form of design norms has elevated us to a newer horizon of design perfection and
adoption of computer aided design with the help of latest computer design software also
helped in scaling the above goal.
To stabilize our achievement, we have developed and at the same time maintaining a
stringent balance in human resource tapping with well-balanced company profile.
Our manning in design is guided by the following organization list:
 Chief Design Engineer –1
 Senior Design Engineer –
3 Design Engineer -3
Design Assistant -3
 Checker–2
 Design Draftsperson–8
We have got an arrangement of 15 (Fifteen) extra
draftsperson for detail Engineering. The enclosed up to date list of design execution will
speak for itself about our achievement in unbiased manner.

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