Project Details

  • Super structure for 2 nos. each of 45.72m, 50.0m & 62.48m span through type lattice Steel Bridges with R.C.C decking for P.W.D, Nagaland
  • Eight Nos. Steel Bridges upto 65.5m spans on state highways for P.W.D, Meghalaya Single lane steel bridges for Span upto68m :

i) 4 Spans for P.W.D, Nagaland, 2 Spans for P.W.D, Meghalaya & 1 Span for P.W.D, Jammu & Kashmir

          ii) 2 Spans for P.W.D, Assam

          iii) 68m Span for C.P.W.D, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Fly Over for AJC Bose Road, Kolkata 2.1km.

  • Fly Over for VIP Road , Kolkata

  • Design and Detail Engineering for ROB at Bhatpara, Kalyani, Park Circus & Rourkela - Sambalpur Section

  • Design Of Superstructure (Tub Steel Girder) between Pier P37 to P51 of East West corridor of Kolkata Metro

  • Design engineering for Ramp – A & Ramp – B for Cast House for Bhilai Steel Plant

  • Detail Engineering of AL-WAKRAH Bypass Project- DOHA

  • Design Engineering of Railway Culverts (160m span) For Pet Coke Evacuation Project At Paradip

  • Design of Superstructures for Metro Link Express for Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad

  • Design Engineering for Foot Over Bridge at Crossing of Park street & Jawarlal Nehru Road

  • Detail Engineering of Substructure & Superstructure of Bridges of Doha

  • Design of Superstructures for Major Bridges DFCC, Eastern Corridor

  • Design Engineering For Jubilee Bridge (Span 1x135m + 1x150m + 1x135m) across river Hooghly between Naihati - Bandel Section of Eastern Rail with 25t Train & CC+8+2 Loading.

  • Design of Superstructure for Flyover across Kona Expressway at Santragachhi Bus Terminal

  • Design Engineering of auxiliary structures of Dakshineswar Sky Walk


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